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My Senior Has Fallen—What Do I Do Now?

Posted by Alyssa Ball on Nov 20, 2018 2:15:00 PM

Helpless senior woman who has fallen on the steps

When a senior falls, their caregiver will often go into a panic and try to help them up as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this can cause even more damage to the senior, as well as physical problems for the caregivers themselves. Learning the proper steps on picking up a fallen senior is crucial when you take on the role as caregiver. Here are some tips.

Stay Calm

This is the first important step for you both. Each of you should remain calm and clear-headed. Carefully examine the senior for bleeding, bruises, broken bones, or sprains. Talk to them about where they are hurting the most so you know what area to handle with care. If you need to, call 911 and keep them as comfortable as possible until the paramedics arrive.

Proceed Slowly

Your senior may be well enough to get up on his or her own. If so, remember that you should only be there for assistance. They should be able to do the actual physical work of getting up; you are there to support and guide them.

Bring in 2 chairs and place them at their head and feet. Carefully help the senior roll over to a position on their hands and knees. Once there, bring the chair by their feet up close behind them. They can then use the chair in front of them to hold onto as they pull up their strong leg and place that foot flat on the floor. Then, with your guidance, help them to slowly sit up and back into the chair.

Have Them Sit and Relax

Make sure your senior feels well enough before they stand up again. Keep an eye on them after the fall in case they have any additional problems. Remember, their family doctor should always be notified that they suffered a fall.

Being proactive and knowing what to do is the key to safely helping a senior up after a fall. In addition to knowing the steps to help a senior get up, they should also be aware of potential fall risks and fall prevention exercises to help their loved one avoid falls in the first place. 

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