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5 Ways We Improve with Age

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Apr 11, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Seniors_fun_beach-LR.jpgOften people may focus on the negatives of getting older, such as vision loss, forgetfulness and those troublesome aches and pains. There are, however, many advantages to getting older. Aging is a part of life. From birth through old age to death people go through many stages and changes. Here are some examples of ways we improve with age.


1. Relationships with Loved Ones

During childhood and the teenage years, we slowly learn who we are as a person and that reflects in personal relationships. Young children’s lives often revolve around their parents and close family members, while teenagers will often gravitate more toward their friends during that stage in their lives. Throughout the adult years, we gradually are able to establish balance in relationships and are able to relate more to those that we care for.


2. Wisdom

Every day of our lives we learn something new. As we get older we have acquired a lifetime of knowledge. With that knowledge comes deeper understanding through various experiences. Older adults may often look back at different times in their lives an reflect on what they have learned from those experiences and how they have changed and grown as individuals.


3. Learning/Mentoring

Along with wisdom comes the ability to continue learning. As we age, the ability to learn from mistakes as well as life experiences allows us to pass knowledge on to others. Whether it be in the workforce or life in general, older adults have learned a lot throughout their lives and are often happy to pass that information down to younger generations.


4. Being Content

As we get older we learn to find the good things in every situation. Things don’t always turn out the way we want and that is ok. Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to be able to achieve this. In youth and young adulthood when life usually goes by at a fast pace, it is often hard to find time to be content. There is always a goal to meet or something to accomplish in those life stages.


5. Social Interactions

When we are younger, it may be more difficult to interact with others. Over the years, as we learn who we are and develop interests, it becomes easier to interact with others.

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